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Your Inner Guidance is speaking to you. Are you listening?

Turning Insight Into Action

Each of us experiences intuition every day- a gut feeling, a fleeting thought or memory, imagery that shows up in daydreams.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what is just a random thought and what is inner guidance. Developing a relationship with our inner compass takes practice. We not only have to learn to listen with sensitivity and discernment, but we have to create an inner environment of trust so that the voice of our inner guidance speaks loud and clear. When I was beginning to develop these skills, I also found it challenging to know what to do with messages once I received them! My imagery often overwhelmed and paralyzed me. Sometimes I tried to stop listening to my body, my dreams, my emotions, fearing that I would have yet another insight or “aha” that I wouldn’t know what to do with.

What I began to understand is that these inner promptings or intuitive senses are not actually guidance; they are what guidance is made of. Inner guidance only develops when we allow these senses to emerge, be witnessed without intervention, and allowed to settle and integrate. This requires a strong container, patience, and compassion.And damn is it tempting to meddle, rush, push, squeeze, jump to conclusions!

My lifelong artistic practice took on a whole new role with this discovery. I began to use the expressive arts to uncover insights and then to integrate what emerged. Using movement, sound, words, and imagery, I connected my multiple intelligences, which greatly supported the self-integration process.

Over years of continuing this practice, my intuition has matured into a reliable source of direction. I recognize that the stages of understanding I moved through to get to this point were all important stepping-stones as I discovered and strengthened my inner compass. But those stages didn’t necessarily have to feel like a struggle.

You don’t have to struggle through your stepping-stones either. I want to support you during your own process of connecting with your inner compass and offer you the insights, skills, and guidance I have developed so the process can feel inspiring, empowering, and fun.

I have designed a process for moments in our life when something is asking to emerge, to be witnessed, and to be used towards an important transformation.

You will strengthen your connection with your inner guidance while learning specific techniques & skills so you can build your own lifelong practice of self-understanding and confidant decision-making.

What is the process?

Ok, so working with the expressive arts can be a powerful way to understand one’s self. But developing a relationship with your creativity in a moment of crisis can be like deciding to learn how to cook once you’re already hungry and have guests knocking on the door.

Following this analogy, an Inner Portrait Session  is like a delicious dinner when you need it, along with a recipe book and cooking lessons so you and your guests continue to be well fed.

The more the language for my offering unfolds, the clearer it is that this process is not therapy, is not a psychic reading, is not life coaching… it is education. It is a process of learning a way of knowing, a way of listening, of getting all of your intelligences working together. This experience of training – to connect with your inner resources and tools for receiving information around themes in your life – is healing and empowering.

I am currently offering Inner Portrait Mini & Full Sessions, which is a fabulous way to start the process. After your session, you will have 15-20 personal images that I create for you through deep energetic listening. And you will be familiar with several exercises for continuing your relationship with your imagery.

For those of you who are ready to dive in and fully develop your personal practice and connect deeply with your inner guidance, and really solidify your ability to turn insight into action with ease:

My program The Inner Compass Connection launches on December 10th
(this is an online program, so you can connect from anywhere).

You can register for this program as a 28 day Jumpstart or a 90 day Intensive. Enrollment for The Inner Compass Connection has not yet opened. Contact me to be put on the list, so you know right away when registration opens.

If you are wondering which program is right for you…

Sign up for a free Inner Compass Connection Strategy Session
what if one conversation could change your life?

email me at to schedule your time with me.

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Personal Imagery & Authentic Art

How do we listen to what is asking to emerge, rather than thinking up what we want to see?

My work is challenging to summarize in an ‘elevator speech’. And I often struggle to explain the profound power of expressive arts workshops, intuitive art sessions, or having a personal commission created for you.

I recently had an Inner Portrait client who wanted to use the imagery that emerged in our session to create a finished piece of artwork that would serve as an affirmation and personal sacred object. I’m happy to share a bit about my process with her, as I think it will give you more of a sense of my work and its transformational power.

The experience of working with this client -working from not knowing her at all, to living inside her personal imagery, to articulating a personalized crystallization of strength and guidance for her- was tremendously powerful!

This client was particularly self-aware and dedicated to having an image that was honest, coming from her inner wisdom, rather than from what she thought she wanted to see or what was familiar. This allowed me to really listen deeply and for us both to notice when ideas for the painting were just ideas coming from the brain, and when they were inner guidance.

The process of bringing forth authentic art is delicate. It’s easy to begin inserting ideas or desires instead of listening to true guidance. The way for me to create honest, powerful, and uncontrived art is to be presentwith my physical and emotional experience as I interact with art materials. I feel my fingers moving, I allow the colors to call out to me, and I notice the way my breath moves down my arms and invites me to move. When I do this, the images that appear on the page reveal themselves to me gradually and we develop an authentic relationship. I am not their master or their judge; they are my guides and my friends. Only once this relationship is established is it possible to entertain the thought of making a finished product that will be nice to look at. If I try to make ‘art’ before the message has come through, the result is hollow, dishonest, and confused.

So, I was careful to create a structure in which to work on this project that supported the organic unfolding of creative content. We began with an Inner Portrait Session, and later a second one, to go deeper with the imagery that had emerged. Then, we unpacked her wishes and intentions around having a finished piece of art. And we used our intuition and the images from both sessions to co-create a sketch of the newly forming painting.

At one point during the painting process, I sent a draft and my client responded with a few requests. She wanted to add a vine and a dog to the image. At first, I felt resistant to adding either of these elements to the painting. I felt annoyed at first, like these additions were ideas and not truths asking to emerge. I sat with the image for a few days and actually painted in both of her suggestions with a brush that had no paint on it. I brushed in an invisible dog, inviting its spirit, feeling if it actually existed. And I did the same with the vine.

The dog appeared strong and clear. I could feel its presence, who it was, where on the canvas it lived. But the vine was different; each time I tried to paint the vine, I got a stomachache, the same way I do when I tell a lie or when I know someone is lying to me. The vine was a lie. I tried over and over again, but could not add the vine to the painting.

So I told my client about my experience and she confirmed for me that she later felt that her suggestion to add a vine was an impulse and an idea, whereas the dog was a real supportive presence in her life. I was glad I had listened to myself and was able to be honest with her about what I was picking up. And I was grateful to my client for being receptive to my feed-back and her own experience.

How often do we push to create what we WANT rather than what IS? How can we create space for ourselves to tell the truth with our actions and live in integrity with one another? I am learning more and more that this practice begins with listening to the body. When we deeply listen, a truth more brilliant than we could imagine is waiting for us.

I invite you to work with your creativity with curiosity and unconditional positive regard. And I offer my work with the intention of learning, insight, growth, and healing.


Here are some words from my client about the process:
My Inner Portrait Session with Mo:
I had never had an Inner Portrait. I was completely open to the experience and was so moved by Mo’s sensitivity and honesty.  My session included a centering together and then I sat quietly while she was guided to draw my energy. It was a layer of stories of me, within me and from me.  I worried what might be drawn or misunderstood or perhaps even confusing. Those worries were unfounded. My energy is exactly as I had been feeling it. I felt sustained from my heart, an incomplete but willing openness to God and some challenges with grounding.  My boundaries are present and not closed off.

After the first session, I wanted to have an inspirational portrait done to guide me and inspire me.  The result is ME.  I smile from my belly, my heart and my mind when I sit with my portrait now.  I feel all the energy it needs to give me at that time and I feel a positive shift throughout my body.  I feel awesome when I gaze at my portrait. I feel beautiful, loving, strong, bright, natural, wise, colorful, soulful and intertwined with nature and God.  Thank you Mo for your talents and the gift you have given me.

photo (3)image_7image_8image_10 image_9image

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Art & Intuition Presentation

Thanks for joining me in Olympia for my recent presentations on Art & Intuition!

I’m really excited about sharing about the power of our personal creative processes as a vehicle for self-understanding, growing our intuition, and transforming difficulties in our lives.

I know many of you would have been at my presentations if you weren’t scattered around the globe from Buenos Aires to Baltimore to Berlin (I miss you all!)…

…So I’m working on organizing a tele-seminar and/or webinar so we can connect from a distance. Please let me know if you would be interested in this and we can get it going and even structure it to best serve your interests.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to my tea party a couple weeks ago, here’s a little snippet of what ya missed.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 2.43.02 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 2.41.37 PM

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Whale paintings, Inner Portrait Sessions, commissions, and more…


Wow, I feel some powerful energy flowing right now!

These past couple months have been huge for me! I have been painting pretty much non-stop, which feels great. The image above is of a painting I recently completed and sent off to its new family in Washington.

The more I commit to my creative process, the more I am reminded that:

external shifts can happen fluidly and without much effort when I make internal energetic shifts and pay attention to patterns at the subtle levels before they manifest.

I’ve been putting that observation into practice lately and have been blown away by the results. So much resistance and diffusion has transformed in my external world. For others it might look like “magic”; I know it is because of the resistance and diffused energy I have transformed into clarity and purpose internally, which has impacted my outer life. I guess that is still a sort of “magic”. For me, this transformation does not happen through thinking. It happens through action.

I find the arts to be hugely valuable tools for processing my experience and transforming energy because making art is active and engages my whole self, while not affecting my relationships with other people the way other active processing might. By choosing to make art as a way of observing and transforming myself in action, I find myself making more messes in color, sound, movement, and written words and way less messes in my life decisions and relationships with other people. When I witness my messes as art, they are much more approachable, less scary, and easier to resolve and can offer insight and deep meaning to bigger life situations. When I find resolution with my songs, poems, gestures, images… a holistic shift takes place that impacts not only my internal experience, but the relationships I have with others.

As I step more completely into my work, I learn that this is my gift: to engage deeply in my own creative process and to invite and inspire others to connect with their inner worlds through the creative process as a means of transformation on the personal, interpersonal, cultural, and global levels. I am honored and grateful and so freaking excited to be of service!

Big hug and happy full moon! ~MO


Argentina, the truth is I never left you….
I will be teaching an online seminar on the expressive arts as healing pathways to students at Tomato Spirit in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 12th. Students will engage in creative activities and conversation in English about the Person-Centered Approach, the expressive arts & healing, and how to integrate the creative process into our daily lives. You can find out more here:

It is still not too late to register.


Olympia, surprise I’ll be in town briefly! I am offering Inner Portrait Sessions in Olympia April 21, 22, 23! Distance sessions still available from anywhere.  You can book your in-person or distance session by emailing me directly or online through my website or fb page.

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Painting The Universal

I recently completed a commissioned painting for a client in West Virginia and the piece – while created for a2014-01-07 02.20.31 specific person – offered universal lessons and insights to me as I witnessed it come to life at my fingertips.

My assignment was to create an image to reflect my client’s personal journey and to inspire her while she writes. After gathering materials, ideas, and reference images, I felt stuck. How can I put a dynamic, full human story into a single image? How can a painting communicate changes and movement, along with wholeness and peace?

My brain worked on this riddle for a few days and didn’t get very far. Then I decided to allow my hands to move without thinking. I surrendered to movement, to color, and to my intuition. Letting go of thinking was a great idea. Through action and experimentation,  developments happened with ease. My hands began sketching images, asking in color, ‘what does change look like?’

My hands made circles, over and over again. I spent hours, resisting the frustration from my brain, allowing my hands to make circles. ‘This is what change looks like’, I thought. And in this circle, divisions appeared like chapters of a large cycle. Figures from different life stages, seasons, and energetic qualities came to life within the chapters.

Here are a couple of the sketches:

image_7 image_8 image_9

Looking at the sketches, I recognized the divided circle as a medicine wheel, depicting the four directions. The four directions correlate to the seasons, times of day, the life stages, and phases of the moon:

The North, winter, roots, ancestors, the crone, the new moon
The East, spring, sprouts and new growth, youth and innocence, the waxing moon
The South, summer, the flower, sexual maturity, the full moon
The West, autumn, the fruit and seed, the mature and full adult, the waning moon

Once I understood this system, the entire painting made sense and I knew how to begin. The infinite images that were asking to be expressed no longer felt overwhelming. This circle was a visual frame that could hold and articulate the infinite.

When I paint, I experience an intense level of focus that is difficult to describe. I feel a deep connection with the images I create and I develop real, living relationships with the subject matter. In this particular painting, while I began to paint, I decided to begin in the East section and work my way around cyclically. I did this, with few exceptions, through the entire painting process. And, each time I moved from one section to another, I felt the transition as if I were moving from spring to summer or from the Los Angeles to Seattle.

After transitioning from one section of the painting to another, I would become totally engrossed in the new section and forget about the part before. Little by little, a sense of completion would settle in me and I would feel a need to move on, knowing I would revisit this place again and that all the work I left undone would be waiting for me, but that I would have a new perspective after traveling the wheel again.

Today in West Virginia, Winter is fading into Spring. I feel a strong awareness of the gradual, yet undeniable, transition taking place on the micro and macro levels to make this seasonal shift. And I wonder how I can integrate into my daily life the lessons I learned while painting the medicine wheel. How can I fall madly in love with every moment, while always holding perspective of the larger cycle? How can I practice enough non-attachment to allow myself to flow effortlessly from one phase to another? I invite you to wonder with me.

Here are some images of the final painting:


image_2 image_5 image_4 image_3