The Jewish Planner
The Jewish Planner

The Jewish Planner

Weekly planner is based in the Hebrew calendar with monthly teachings, illustrations, and journal prompts.

This planner features:

  • Monthly teachings and art for each Hebrew month
  • A page of journal questions to get you into the rhythm of each month
  • A two-page spread to see the Hebrew month at a glance, and how it aligns with the Gregorian calendar
  • Weekly planning wheels with lots of space for your Gregorian calendar plans, and framed in Hebrew calendar time
  • Creative and intuitive layout to show how Hebrew and Gregorian days align at sundown
  • A back pocket for storing important notes, stickers, or mementos
  • 6-month planning guides for your rainy season and harvest season
  • All Hebrew holidays and moon phases
  • A planting guide for planning your life in accordance with the seasons
  • Teachings on the Shmita and guidance for living in a cycle of seven years