AAM DEAI Fellowship Work Samples

The following two files are slide decks that I used to give online presentations. These were part of a virtual training, delivered via Canvas, that I designed for students of independent secondary schools, preparing to study abroad for a year through SYA.

The training was a pre-departure orientation that introduced students to intercultural competence, as well as diversity and inclusion topics, through experiential exercises, assignments to be completed with family and community members, and personal reflection.

Students spent between 4 and 6 hours on the training, in total. Each of the 4 modules had several sections, each including a presentation that then went into exercises and assignments.

SYA sample Module 1 Section 2

SYA sample Module 3 Section 1

Below is the slide deck from my hour-long in-person presentation for an interfaith organization, as an introduction to intercultural competence. The presentation was part of a longer, interactive training for staff, volunteers, and board members to learn more about intercultural competence.

Staff Training sample

This is a sample agenda for a single day of a weekend professional development training, intended for Foreign Service Officers (FSO) who will be stationed in India. It was developed in collaboration with an FSO instructor from India, along with two other intercultural trainers/graduate students.

Sample Agenda – FSO training

The following is the syllabus for the Visible & Invisible Identities curriculum I designed for CONNECT, a 6-month social justice cohort for young professionals in Washington D.C.

Syllabus sample CONNECT