Mo Golden
Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance

Clients leave the session with a sense of clarity, peace, and inspiration.

You will gain insight and connection to your truth: solutions to life challenges, relationship / career guidance, understanding of health issues.

Entering into your own depth imagery – like a waking dream –  you will understand what is asking to emerge in your life and how to best support yourself. Mo offers the intuitive guidance that she receives through the images, and makes space for your insights as well. Collaboratively, clear direction is found.

Price per session: $150

Because the intuitive guidance comes in the form of images that you can touch and interact with, this process is empowering and engaging. Unlike a session with an ‘all knowing’ intuitive, this process reveals information and unlocks a door to your own inner wisdom.

Through your session with Mo, you will learn how you can go deeper into your images on your own, or continue the process with support from Mo.

What past clients are saying

  • “A year after working with Mo, I still refer back to her drawings as guideposts to the next step in my journey, and each time I uncover new insights.”
  • “Mo draws out my own intuition, giving me deeper insight into myself.”
  • “Since working with Mo, when I am at a crossroads, wondering what to do, one of the images from our work together appears in my mind’s eye and, on a level beyond words, it all clicks and I am able to step into the next unfolding.”
  • “It was nothing short of phenomenal… prophetic in a way. Mo showed me a different perspective on some questions and intentions I was holding. I couldn’t recommend this process enough to everyone!”
  • “Mo draws what is resting there, needing to be addressed, and then offers up beautifully fascinating images of what that looks like, bringing alternative views, and new ways of thinking.”
  • “Mo is absolutely precious, unique, and amazingly intuitive. I am deeply grateful to have worked with her.”

What to Expect

In your first session, Mo will guide you through a brief centering exercise where you set intentions for yourself (without sharing with Mo). You will then relax, drink tea, and observe Mo as she draws or keep your eyes closed and go into your own inner world.

After about 20 minutes, Mo will have created a series of between 10 and 30 images to show you. Mo’s process invites only the information and insight that you are ready to receive and integrate. Her sessions are designed to not overwhelm or inundate you with information, but instead to give you a bite sized amount of guidance that you can work with and act on.

She will walk you through the images 3 times: once in silence, for you to take them in visually; once to offer her insights and the sensations that came up for her during the process; and a final time, in which you offer your own insights, as well as questions or areas that need clarification. At the end, if you want to share the intention you set, or some of the wishes you had for the session, you will be welcome to do so.

Then, Mo will discuss next steps for your process with the images and ask how she can continue to support your process of self-discovery and growth.

The session will take one hour and you will leave with all of your images and an instruction guide to help you work with your images more deeply.

Session Formats


At your home/office in the Olympia/Seattle area or at Mo’s space in Olympia. If you’re not in the PacNW but want to set up sessions for 5 or more people, Mo can travel to your location.

At the end of your session, you will take home all of the original paintings created in your session, along with an instruction guide to help you continue your process with the images. After your first session, you are welcome to book follow-up sessions, to go deeper into the images, to support your creative/intuitive process, or for a new reading.


Your session will be via Zoom.

You will get digital copies of your images the same day. Then, Mo will mail the original paintings to you, along with an instruction guide to help you continue your process with the images. After your first session, you are welcome to book follow-up sessions, to go deeper into the images, to support your creative/intuitive process, or for a new reading.

* Note: Mo has seen 30+ clients virtually, and the process is just as impactful as in-person.

About The Process

Mo uses a painting process in her sessions called Touch Drawing, developed by artist Deborah Koff-Chapin. Touch Drawing involves rolling paint out onto a board and laying tissue paper down. Then, the artist moves their hands over the clean side of the tissue, pressing the paper down into the paint to make the marks. This way of working encourages the artist to use both hands at once, which integrates both sides of the brain and allows for new connections to be formed.

Mo receives intuitive insight and guidance through a unique process she developed, based on her studies of:

  • Zero Balancing: a healing modality that engages the bone energy. Mo specifically uses the modality’s Types of Touch as a framework for engaging with client’s energy in a way that is not invasive, but rather meets them in the middle and invites them to take responsibility for their own insights, growth, and healing.
  • Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy. Mo’s certification from PCETI Argentina has guided her approach to working with clients and her relationship to the creative process as a tool for intuition. She is particularly interested in the Person-Centered Approach tenants of Unconditional Positive Regard, and of creating the conditions for the client to do their own healing and growth.
  • Marilyn Frasca and Progoff Intensive Journaling. Mo studied with artist Marilyn Frasca, who studied with the psychologist and student of Jung, Ira Progoff. Mo learned an approach in which the visual arts are used to access and influence the subconscious, and where the artist does not control the image, but acts as midwife to the images as they reveal themselves.
  • Rob Esposito and Somatics. Mo studied with dancer Rob Esposito, whose expertise combines Thomas Hanna Somatics, Laban Movement, Pilates, and dance technique from Hanya Holm and Alwin Nikolais. Through this work, Mo learned to use the body and physical sensation as a tool for insight and transformation.


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